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If you've been arrested on suspicion of OUI or DUI along the stretch of 128 between Route 3 and Interstate 93, our Boston area DUI defense legal team has heard of all the strategies police officers use when they make drunk driving arrests.

They may ask interrupting or distracting questions in an attempt to trip you up. While the driver is looking for his or her license or registration, the officer may ask a question like, "Without looking at your watch, what time is it now?" The officer is then trained to look for evidence of impairment such as your ignoring the question, forgetting to resume the search after answering the question, or giving a grossly incorrect answer to the question.

Our DUI defense attorneys dedicate themselves to getting your OUI charges dismissed (that means the case is over) without you having to go to trial. The judge may dismiss your case if we can show enough evidence that your rights were violated during the stop or for a host of other reasons.

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Even if your case isn't completely dismissed, there is a disposition referred to as "24D" or "90-24D." This term originated from the statute that created the program, G.L. c. 90 § 24D. If you are a first-time offender, you are presumed to be eligible for the 24D program. You may have the option of attending an alcohol education program as an alternative to a lengthier license loss, heavier fines and possible incarceration.

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