DUI-OUI Arrest In Cambridge, Massachusetts? Our Attorneys Can Help.

You were pulled over on suspicion of DUI in Cambridge, Massachusetts; the police officer has arrested you, confiscated your driver's license and given you a date to appear in court. Where do you go from here? Your first step should be to hire an attorney from the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group to represent you at the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) and for your criminal defense strategy.

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If you were charged with a Kendall Square DUI, Central Square DUI, Harvard Square DUI, Porter Square DUI, Inman Square DUI or any type of OUI charge or drunk driving offense near Lechmere Square, our drunk driving attorneys can pick apart sloppy police reports and unfavorable lab reports. Even if you are charged with drunk driving in an area surrounding Cambridge — Somerville, Arlington, Belmont or Watertown — our DUI attorneys and OUI lawyers are always looking for ways to obtain a dismissal or offer a plea to a lesser offense than the initial charges brought against you.

One of our most successful challenges to your initial DUI arrest is that the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures and requires that any search or seizure be based on probable cause. When a police officer arrests you under suspicion of drunk driving, that is considered a seizure under the law. When we find that the officer didn't have probable cause, we'll find a way to challenge the charges and arrest.

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