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If you were pulled over by the police and charged with a Boston OUI or Roxbury DUI on the Arborway, Jamaicaway, Riverway, South Huntington Avenue or Centre Street in Jamaica Plain, the attorneys at the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group can help.

No matter where you were — Jackson Square, Stony Brook, Forest Hills, Brookside, Egleston Square, Hyde Square, Jamaica Hills, Parkside, Pondside, South Street, Sumner Hill, Sunnyside or Woodbourne — the police and district attorney's office want you to believe the evidence they have against you is so strong that you should just go in and plead guilty. But our defense lawyers will tell you that there are well over 20 challenges and defenses to the charges you are facing.

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What We Do After A DUI Arrest

One of the first things we do is go to the arrest scene and take pictures of the spot where the tests were given. We may challenge the arrest on the theory that the particular location made the roadside test difficult to perform. There may be heavy traffic speeding by or maybe the shoulder of the road used for the test was slanted (slanted roads automatically make the test more difficult to perform). When we see these things, it makes it easier to ask the police officer questions about the roadside test and, in many cases, point out an inaccuracy or impossibility to the judge or jurors.

When you're represented by attorneys at the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group, we can file a motion to suppress (exclude) certain evidence from trial if it was obtained improperly or illegally by the police officer. We might argue that the officer did not have probable cause to pull you over, that the officer's belief that you were committing a crime was not reasonable, or that the blood alcohol content (BAC) tests that you took were unreliable. If our motion is successful, all evidence obtained by pulling you over (which is nearly everything) might also be suppressed.

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