Kenmore Square

Handling DUI Arrests In Kenmore Square

Need help with a DUI arrest or OUI investigation? At the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group, our defense attorneys pick apart sloppy DUI police reports and unfavorable lab reports stemming from a drunk driving, DUI or OUI arrest anywhere near Kenmore Square — including Fenway Park and the Boston University area along Commonwealth Avenue.

Who Is The Best Boston DUI Lawyer?

Ask around in the Boston municipal courthouses and you'll hear how we provide clients with aggressive defense strategies. Additionally, our trial skills are such that we pay attention to the smallest details.

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How To Defend Against A Fenway Park DUI Arrest

One of our attorneys' favorite defense techniques is to compare the allegations against you to something even more negative that did not actually take place.

For example, if you took the walk the line test along Lansdowne Street or Beacon Street, our DUI defense attorneys might ask the officer the following questions: "Mr. Jones did not put his hand down?" "He did not grab you for support?" "He did not skin his knee?" "He did not fall down?" "He simply had a misstep?" This reduction technique at least allows you to do something with bad evidence.

Our attorneys also won't refer to the jury as "the jury." Instead, we use the word "juror" as much as possible. This reminds jurors that their duty is their own and, much like a general election, after considering everything, each juror should cast his or her own vote as he or she sees fit.

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