Marina Bay

DUI Or BUI Arrest At Marina Bay? Our Attorneys Can Help.

If you were arrested on suspicion of a Quincy, Massachusetts, OUI in Marina Bay or while crossing into Braintree as it approaches the Braintree Split, the junction with Massachusetts Route 3 or Route 3A south to north from Weymouth via Washington Street, rest assured that the attorneys at the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group are prepared to represent you with an aggressive defense strategy.

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What Happens In DUI Court?

An officer may testify in court that you did poorly on field sobriety tests prior to your arrest. After our independent investigation, we'll know of any medical or physical reasons that may have caused your poor performance such as knee problems, inner ear problems, back problems, difficulty seeing at nigh, or recent injuries.

The officer may claim that you had watery, bloodshot and glassy eyes; if so, at trial we'll ask, "Officer, are there other reasons why a person could have watery, bloodshot or glassy eyes other than intoxication?" As we continue, we'll then ask if the officer's ever heard of people having watery, bloodshot or glassy eyes after just waking up. Once we get the officer to admit that other explanations are possible, it will be beneficial as the jurors begin to realize that the officer is not telling the truth and is trying to cover up the case to get a conviction.

You do not even have to perform these field sobriety tests, but police officers don't normally let you know that. They rely upon your ignorance of the law to provide them with the probable cause they will use to arrest you on suspicion of drunk driving or boating under the influence in Quincy.

Free Consultation After A Quincy, Massachusetts, DUI

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