Massachusetts Turnpike

Mass Pike DUI Attorney

The Boston DUI lawyers at the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group represent individuals arrested on suspicion of OUI (also known as DUI or DWI) on the Massachusetts Turnpike (Interstate 90). No matter where you were pulled over and arrested on the Pike, including the Sumner and Ted Williams tunnels and the Tobin Memorial Bridge, our attorneys are well-versed in the police observation, initial stop and field sobriety test processes.

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How We Help After A Turnpike DUI-OUI

Investigation procedures are supposed to be standardized. In theory, all officers should conduct DUI investigations the same way – but they don't. We have some of the same manuals that are used to train all Massachusetts law enforcement officers so we can cross-examine your arresting police officer and show jurors — or the judge in the case of a bench trial — that there's enough reasonable doubt as to your guilt.

If you drive for a living, your livelihood is at stake if you are charged with a Massachusetts OUI and you have a commercial driver's license (CDL).

Even if you failed the breath test, we work to cast doubt on the readings, interviewing family members and friends who can attest to your sobriety and experts who can testify about the machine's inaccuracy and demonstrate how easy it is to generate a bad test by doing one thing wrong when blowing.

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