Neponset Circle

Massachusetts DUI Defense Lawyer

Your Dorchester DUI arrest, whether it was near Neponset Circle, Savin Hill, Four Corners, Columbia Point or Ashmont, probably has you scared and uncertain about what will follow.

At the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group, our attorneys aggressively defend auto accident cases in which the driver admitted to having one or two drinks and was subsequently arrested and cases in which police officers allegedly smelled an odor of alcohol coming from a vehicle they've stopped.

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Surprisingly to many, odor by itself does not necessarily mean that a person is intoxicated. It may mean that the driver had something to drink or had a drink spilled on him or her. It is very common for the odor of intoxicants to remain in a vehicle after intoxicated passengers have been dropped off, but even if the driver had been drinking, there is no way for the officer to correlate the odor to a specific blood alcohol content (BAC) or level of impairment. Our attorneys know the questions to ask to build a strong defense strategy.

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