Quincy Shore Drive

Arrested On Quincy Shore Drive? Call Our DUI Defense Attorneys.

If you've been arrested on suspicion of DUI on Quincy Shore Drive anywhere near Wollaston Beach, Squantum's Nickerson Beach or the Neponset River in Milton and Canton, make sure you have the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group at your side.

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Just because you've been charged with OUI doesn't automatically mean that you'll be found guilty.

If the police officer obtained evidence by violating your constitutional rights, it can't be used against you. The Massachusetts Constitution requires that the prosecutor prove every element of every crime alleged beyond a reasonable doubt. Our attorneys make the government follow the Constitution. Our belief in the Constitution forces us to exploit gross errors made by law enforcement agencies.

If the arresting officer wrote in his or her report that after you exited the vehicle, you swayed forward and then leaned back against your vehicle for balance, we'll argue that this may be a sign of intoxication that officers are trained to look for, but that you were not asked if you had any inner ear problems, medical conditions or injuries that would affect your balance. During your case evaluation and our independent investigation, we'll determine how any medical conditions or injuries may have affected your balance.

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If you have been charged with a South Shore DUI, the police and prosecutors will come at you fast with Miranda warnings, breath tests and plea arrangements to get you to convict yourself. Don't panic.

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