Revere Beach Parkway

Revere Beach Parkway DUI Attorney

If you've been arrested on suspicion of a Boston DUI anywhere along the Revere Beach Parkway, it is imperative that you retain counsel immediately to avoid the most severe consequences. Our skilled attorneys can protect your rights and minimize the consequences you'll face if convicted, saving you thousands of dollars. At the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group, we know DUI.

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After a thorough independent investigation of the police stop and how the law enforcement agency handled your case, we will most likely file a motion in limine asking the court for a ruling preventing the district attorney from presenting certain evidence at trial. The purpose of this motion is to prevent the interjection of matters that are irrelevant, inadmissible or prejudicial.

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For example, we may file motions to preclude introducing evidence of objects discovered in the motor vehicle when you were arrested on the Fellsway (Route 28), the Mystic Valley Parkway in Malden, Winthrop Parkway in Revere or the Parkway, which passes through the towns of Everett and Chelsea. We may want to prevent any mention by the prosecutor of the term "sobriety tests" to describe their roadside "gymnastics exercises," radio transmissions or other tests that were improperly conducted on Route 16 west of Route 1A or Route 145 east of that point.

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