Route 3

Route 3 OUI Arrest Attorney

If you were arrested on suspicion of a Route 3 DUI or Everett Turnpike OUI, our Middlesex County DUI lawyers at the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group will thoroughly review your case. We will know every instance when the officer did not follow his or her required training, did not perform the field sobriety tests according to proper standards, or made observations that are consistent with conditions other than intoxication.

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Finding Police Mistakes

Because the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has identified wind and weather conditions, a person's age and weight, and a person's footwear as conditions that may interfere with that person's performance on certain tests, once we investigate the arrest scene and conduct our own independent investigation, our attorneys will likely find errors in the arrest procedure and file motions to suppress the evidence to have your case dismissed.

Studies conducted by the NHTSA indicate that more than 30 percent of people failing roadside tests are not intoxicated. Independent validation of these tests shows that very few people can pass them, even sober! This leads to false DUI or OUI arrests.

Facing A Massachusetts RMV Hearing? Free Consultation With An RMV Lawyer

Defending yourself in court or at the registry hearing is a big mistake. With much at stake, you're best off hiring an experienced and aggressive DUI defense attorney. If you have been charged, the police and prosecutors will come at you fast with Miranda warnings, breath tests and plea arrangements to get you to convict yourself. Don't panic. Call the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group today at 800-82-DEFENSE (800-823-3336).