Route 93

Expressway OUI Lawyer After An I-93 DUI Arrest

No matter where you were arrested on suspicion of a Route 93 DUI or OUI on the Route 93 Expressway, remember this: Just because you've been accused of operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it doesn't automatically mean that you will be found guilty. Police reports are only hearsay, and you have a constitutional right to face your accuser.

Our OUI Defense Strategies

When you work with the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group, the first thing our attorneys will ask you is why you were pulled over in the first place. A police officer must state why he or she stopped you unless an accident was involved.

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If you were weaving, crossing the center line or driving the wrong way or even ran a red light or drove through a stop sign, there is almost always a viable defense or challenge to your Massachusetts OUI charge.

If you can't completely beat your case by getting the charges against you dismissed, you can still accept a plea bargain, which is an agreement between you and the Commonwealth to have charges dropped or diminished in exchange for your guilty plea to a lesser charge.

How The Right Attorney Can Help Your DUI Charge

By working with the prosecutors and court personnel, our DUI defense attorneys will work to have your motions scheduled for later in the day on the court's calendar. This way, you will see how the judge analyzes motions heard early in the day, and you'll be able to observe the district attorney in action.

Think about it: If the judge is going to rule for the defense, most would prefer not to do so in front of a courtroom full of lawyers. Few judges want to be tagged as being soft on crime. We know how to be polite – and ask to be heard last!

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