Storrow Drive

Storrow Drive DUI Lawyer

If you've been arrested on suspicion of DUI on Storrow Drive in Boston, Massachusetts, anywhere from the Leverett Circle along the Charles River, Memorial Drive, Route 28 or any part of Boston University to where it becomes Soldiers Field Road, you must defend yourself in District Court and at the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) as it relates to your right to drive.

How We Can Win Your Case

The attorneys at the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group win cases by focusing on unlawful officer error. This can include how the officer did not observe the signs of intoxication that they are trained to look for or the officer's observations were not consistent with intoxication. Additionally, Attorney Irwin M. Pollack prepares cross-examination questions for the officer using National Highway Traffic Safety Administration manuals.

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Our Lawyers Fight Negative RMV Rulings

Even though the Registry of Motor Vehicles is an administrative agency with complete discretion, if it rules against you for a hardship license, the District Court judge may still reverse the registry's decision if he or she:

  • Finds the RMV exceeded its constitutional or statutory authority
  • Made an erroneous interpretation of the law
  • Acted in an arbitrary and capricious manner
  • Made a determination that is unsupported by the evidence in the record

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Once you are arrested on suspicion of a Massachusetts OUI, the clock starts ticking. If you want to keep your driver's license, you must act quickly. To avoid criminal conviction and all its consequences, call our Boston area offices today at 800-82-DEFENSE (800-823-3336) or use our online form to schedule an immediate appointment.