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If you are arrested for OUI in Suffolk County, you will most likely have a court appearance in Boston Municipal Court. When faced with this situation, you have cause for great concern. Considering the vast amount of resources the government has, fighting OUI-DUI charges can be very difficult, especially without the necessary legal support. Massachusetts has very tough penalties for drunk drivers and you will want to give yourself every chance of avoiding these, starting by hiring a Suffolk County DUI attorney. Click here to find out more about Boston Municipal Court.

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Serious DUI Lawyers Representing Clients in Boston Municipal Court

After being charged with DUI, the first thing you should do is speak with a lawyer who is experienced handling OUI/DUI cases and working with the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office. Our Boston DUI defense lawyers will be strong advocates on your behalf and will effectively guide you through the entire DUI process.

Not only will your lawyer carefully analyze all information and evidence surrounding your charges, but he or she will also oversee your RMV hearing. If the proper action is not taken during the Registry hearing, there is a very good chance that your driver's license will be suspended. Having your license suspended can be a very big inconvenience, to say the least, so you need a Suffolk County DUI lawyer who will work hard to retain your driving privileges.

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