Chelsea District Court Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are facing criminal charges from the Revere Police Department, Chelsea Police Department, Suffolk County Sheriff's Office, or the Massachusetts State Police relating to a local incident, your case will be heard in the Chelsea District Court on Broadway.

Why Hire a Local Criminal Attorney in Chelsea?

Most people who search for a criminal attorney are not aware of the significant advantage that is available to them when they hire an attorney that is local to their area. Especially when it comes to Judge Benjamin Barnes and Judge Livingston, you need a criminal lawyer who has a reputation in their courts that is second to none.

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The criminal defense attorneys at the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group are familiar with the ins-and-outs of the Chelsea criminal court. Since we are local to the area with offices in Faneuil Hall, Woburn, and Beverly, our attorneys have the reputation as aggressive and zealous advocates for our clients. Getting the best result for your case is likely to come from a lawyer that spends significantly more time within the courts they visit the most.

Examples Of Cases We Handle In Chelsea

Our criminal defense lawyers handle all types of criminal and DUI cases in Chelsea District Court, including:

Why You Should Act Now

If you are being accused of any crime, especially a felony crime, you must retain top-notch legal representation right from the outset. You need to formulate a solid defense strategy — a plan of action — to protect your interests and keep you out of prison. Felony records carry a lifetime of consequences, including your having to live with a conviction on your criminal record forever.

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