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Have you been arrested for a criminal charge in the Roxbury area? Has your DUI/OUI case been assigned to the Roxbury District Court? If so, please click here for more information about the Roxbury District Court.

If you have been charged in Roxbury, it is important to retain experienced representation right away. Prosecutors are aggressive, so it's important to find an equally aggressive defense attorney with experience in that court.

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Advantages of Hiring a Local Roxbury Attorney from the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group

At the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group, we believe in our clients, and are passionate about providing them with the representation they need to overcome their charges. Clients trust that we will get to work quickly in examining all of the information, evidence, and details of your case, and remain in communication with law enforcement officials and investigators throughout the legal process.

As we examine the evidence, we will be looking to see if the arresting officer not only conducted a lawful arrest, but also that he or she did not violate or infringe upon your constitutional rights in any way. If it is discovered that your rights were violated or that the police officer acted in an unlawful manner, we will make it known to the judge and motion to have the charges reduced or dismissed altogether.

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