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South Boston District Court Criminal Lawyer

If you or a loved one faces criminal charges in Southie, you need to find an aggressive and experienced criminal defense lawyer. If you have been arrested for OUI/DUI anywhere in South Boston, your case will probably be held at the South Boston District Court.

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At the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group, we have ample experience defending clients at South Boston District Court, and can ensure your case is given the time, dedication, and attention it deserves. At our firm, our attorneys feel that each and every case is important. Our goal is to provide the clients that we do have with the best possible defense, instead of constantly focusing on obtaining new clients.

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Why Hire a South Boston Attorney From Our Firm?

Whether you've been arrested on drug charges or any other type of criminal offense, our team has the experience you need to face prosecutors with a strong defense strategy. With drunk driving charges, for example, we have experience with all issues related to OUI-DUI charges, including:

Whether this is your first offense, or you have been charged with DUI/OUI in the past, you can rest assured that all possible steps will be taken to increases your chances beating your charges!

An experienced South Boston attorney is an invaluable asset to your case. Not only will an attorney at our office guide you through the legal process, but your attorney will also ensure that your constitutional rights are not violated.

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