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Any type of criminal charge – whether drug charges, theft charges, or sex crimes, are taken very seriously in Massachusetts. All crimes are prosecuted aggressively by the police, Middlesex County District Attorney, and judges in the Waltham District Court.

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To increase your chances of beating your charges, it is best to hire an aggressive and experienced lawyer to represent you throughout the DUI process. Many people wonder whether they really need to hire an attorney for a DUI or minor criminal case. At the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group, our attorneys believe it is always important to retain the services of a skilled defense lawyer. There are so many legalities that need to be addressed that it would be extremely difficult for a person without experience in Massachusetts criminal law to obtain proper representation.

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Why Should I Hire Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group?

Furthermore, the Middlesex District Attorney will have seemingly unlimited money and resources at his or her disposal, making it quite easy for him or her to prepare a strong case. By hiring a lawyer at our firm, you can ensure a case is prepared on your behalf that can stand up to the prosecution and level the playing field.

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When faced with OUI charges, it is important that you do not ignore the seriousness of your situation. Our dedicated lawyers have experience handling all types of DUI issues, including:

We also handle all types of criminal charges, defending clients vigorously against theft, weapons violations and domestic abuse charges, to name just a few.

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