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Every day, the police take to the streets looking to arrest people suspected of crime – whether it relates to drugs, theft, or operating under the influence (OUI). While some of these officers uphold the law and conduct their arrests properly, other times police officers blatantly disregard the law and violate the so-called suspect's constitutional rights.

If you face charges in Jamaica Plain, Hyde Park, Roslindale, or West Roxbury, you can depend on the skilled defense team at the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group to make sure the police did not violate your rights or conduct a sloppy arrest. If you rights were violated or the police acted unlawfully, we will make this fact known to the judge and prosecutor and move to have the charges reduced or dropped.

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Attorneys Who Know the West Roxbury Court

An arrest in Hyde Park, Roslindale, Jamaica Plan, or any other city near West Roxbury means that your case has probably been assigned to the West Roxbury District Court. Our attorneys have a great deal of experience representing clients at this courthouse in matters related to OUI-DUI and all criminal charges. If you are scheduled to appear at the West Roxbury District Court, you can trust a skilled lawyer at our office to provide you with the aggressive and dedicated representation you need to successfully fight your charges.

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We understand you have a lot riding on this case: your rights, freedom, reputation, even your future. We are very skilled in defending clients against all types of charges, and have our favorite defenses that have proven to be effective time and time again. Regardless of what your charges may entail, you can feel confidant knowing that your rights will be protected and fought for by an aggressive and experienced attorney who genuinely cares about your best interest and future.

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