Child Endangerment

Boston Child Endangerment Defense Attorney

If you have been stopped by law enforcement for suspicion of DUI and blow .08 percent or higher on a Breathalyzer test and also have a child under the age of 13 in the vehicle, you will be arrested and charged with child endangerment by operating under the influence.

If you are convicted of this offense, there will be an additional penalty that includes losing your license for one year on top of the other time you will receive for the DUI conviction. Should you have a second similar offense, you will spend a mandatory six months in jail and your license will be revoked for three years. Dealing with this very serious charge requires the assistance of an extremely skilled Boston DUI defense attorney from the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group to fight aggressively to get the charges against you dismissed.

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Child Endangerment Defense Lawyer In Boston

Many types of possible defenses could be initiated against any such charge, and it is crucial that you talk to an attorney immediately if you face this extremely serious DUI charge. The prosecutor in the case is going to be highly motivated to convict you and will have the support of law enforcement and its evidence against you. With such odds, it is critical that you have a skilled Boston child endangerment defense attorney fighting aggressively every step of the way.

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Many individuals get so frightened and concerned that they decide to just plead guilty to the charge. It is strongly advised that you contact a Boston child endangerment defense attorney immediately after your arrest, prior to making your plea. An attorney who fully understands the circumstances of your case and the evidence against you can help you determine how to proceed. This can increase the possibility of a better outcome to this very serious charge.

Aggressive Child Endangerment Defense Lawyer In Boston

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