Defending DUI

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When facing DUI charges in Boston, you are in serious trouble without the assistance of one of the DUI defense attorneys from the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group. Many types of DUI defenses could be initiated on your behalf, depending on the circumstances of the arrest, whether you have an earlier DUI conviction on your record, and other factors such as whether an accident or an injury occurred. The defense of your DUI charges will vary according to these and other factors.

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Several types of DUI defenses are often possible and result in the dismissal of charges in many cases. DUI defenses include:

  • Violations of arrest procedure: The police procedures that are required in any DUI arrest are specific and if not followed to the letter can result in a court challenge. These court challenges can result in the evidence against you being suppressed. No evidence = no conviction.
  • Incorrect testing procedure: Both Breathalyzer and field sobriety tests can be open to dispute, as their accuracy is known to have a fairly large margin of error. Field sobriety testing is based on the observation of the officer administering the test, and as this is human observation, it is extremely varied.
  • No probable cause: Law enforcement must have probable cause to pull you over under suspicion of DUI (or OUI). This is frequently violated, and if it can be proven that there actually was no probable cause for the stop, the evidence may be thrown out of court. No evidence = no conviction. In many cases, this results in "case dismissed."

Many other DUI defenses may be employed by a skilled Boston DUI defense attorney. Don't face this situation without an aggressive lawyer fighting every step of the way.

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