Unlawful Police Stops

DUI Stop In Massachusetts? Call An Aggressive Boston DUI Defense Attorney.

Any DUI arrest is frightening and is probably causing you great concern. You have reason to worry — Massachusetts recently increased the penalties for DUI convictions and made the laws even stricter. One should never face DUI charges without help from an aggressive Boston DUI defense attorney. With legal representation from our law firm fighting on your behalf, you can increase the likelihood of a better outcome in your case.

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An Illegal Police Stop Can Result In Your Case Being Dismissed

If the police officer had no probable cause to stop your vehicle, your charges may be thrown out. For example, if it can be proven that you swerved to avoid a hazard in the roadway rather than because you were over the limit, your arrest could be invalidated and all evidence collected afterward deemed inadmissible. Our law firm conducts independent investigations so we can demonstrate when a traffic stop and subsequent arrest were illegal.

Don't Just Plead Guilty

Find out what a skilled DUI defense lawyer can do to fight for you. At the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group, each case is unique and individual, and it is necessary to review and evaluate your specific case and the evidence against you to determine the best way to move forward. Each of our attorneys offers a free case evaluation and this should give you the information you need to make a decision about your DUI charges. You need your questions answered, and our team is prepared to discuss your case.

Learn How To Make An Unlawful Police Stop Work For You

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