Ways to Beat Your DUI

Wondering If You Can Beat Your DUI?

When facing DUI charges in Boston or any city in Massachusetts, you need to have aggressive legal representation if you are hoping to beat your charges. Hundreds of people beat these charges every year, with the help of Boston OUI defense attorneys fighting relentlessly on their behalf, from start to finish.

There are many defenses for a DUI charge, and once you enlist the assistance of an attorney from the Massachusetts Criminal Defense Group, he or she will determine the best way to move forward and fight for your defense. There may have been an illegal stop, in which there was no probable cause to pull you over. This is required by law, and if it has been violated, it is likely that the evidence against you will be worthless, as it was illegally gained. This will result in the charges being dismissed.

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Our Lawyers Explore All Possible Ways To Beat Your Massachusetts DUI

It could be that you were not processed correctly when you were arrested. Law enforcement is often careful of this point, but amazingly, there are many cases in which individuals were not read their rights. This makes the case and evidence against them invalid. In other cases, it was discovered that the accused individual was tested with a faulty Breathalyzer unit that had not been maintained and had a history of malfunction. An aggressive DUI defense lawyer will seek out all such challenges and fight to have the charges dismissed or reduced.

Beating a DUI charge is definitely possible if you are represented by a powerful, dedicated and relentless DUI defense lawyer. Your first order of business after an arrest is to call a Boston DUI defense attorney. Do not make your plea without first discussing it with your attorney. You may be surprised to find out that your case has flaws that can be used to your advantage and result in beating the charges.

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